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Erkodent RVE thermoforming unit

- used device -

Vacuum thermoforming unit of the extra class
No air supply required! socket suffices
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The ERKOFORM-RVE has built-in digital controls for quickfabrication of hard, soft, and combined hard/soft bite splints,nightguards, bleaching trays, and single or multiple layeredPlaysafe-type mouthguards.
The ERKOFORM-RVE is a sudden-vacuum thermoforming unit that provideslab-quality thermoforming results for splints and mouthguardsin-office.
This unique countertop vacuum unit allows the clinician tofabricate lab-quality applications in as little as 15 minutes.

technical data:
H 28 cm / W 24 cm / D 35 cm 
weight 10,2 kg
line voltage 230V
330 Watt max.
vacuum 0,8 bar 
noise level < 70 dB(A)

- used device -

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