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Reitel Ergoret mini

Whenever any trimming or glueing operation needs to be done, the protective glass cover of the ERGORET MINI eliminates any detrimental effects to the environment or health.
Single price 738,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
The transparent toughened glass cover provides not only a clear view of the working area, but it is also durable and scratch-resistant. The unit is fitted with bright LED lighting to provide optimal working conditions. The hinged magnifying glass (optional extra) and the ergonomically formed beechwood base provide a high degree of user comfort


  • bright, energy-efficient LED lighting

  • dust extraction via hand vice

  • the suction can be connected either front or back on the device

  • safety glass with changeable protection film

  • beechwood base

  • hinged magnifying glass (optional extra)

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