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NSK Endo-Mate DT without head

- New -
Smart Endo Micromotor with Convenient Full Portability
Single price 675,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

ENDO-MATE DT is specifically designed for use with Ni-Ti files from all major suppliers. User-programmable preset memory can store up to 9 speed and torque settings exactly to the supplier's spec. A compact and lightweight control unit offers convenience of full portability between offices. ENDO-MATE DT can be hooked up directly to wall outlet or used with rechargeable battery. A large LCD display offers higher visibility for instantaneous recognition of micromotor status.
-Speed range : 100 - 13,000min-1
(with 20 : 1, 4 : 1, and 1 : 1 geared heads)
-Fits all popular brand of Ni-Ti files
-Auto-reverse function
-Compact desktop unit
-Large LCD screen provides clear visibility
-Simple-to-operate Flat Control Panel
-Dual Power Source:
AC or Battery Operation
-Slim and light handpiece
-2-Way ON/OFF switch
-Number of Programs : 9
-Torque control from 0.1 to 6.5 Ncm
(Depending on the head's gear ratio)
-Power Supply :
AC 120V/230V, 50/60V & Battery pack
-Dimentions : W92 x D148 x H124 (mm)
-Weight :
Unit 456 g / Micromotor & cord 92 g
-Charge / Continuous use : 5h - 2h
(depending on workingload)

- New - without head
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