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Smart Mill start



- without air

-4-axle dry processing

-manual tool change with quick-clamping device

-Fixed built-in clamping device for disk with diameter of 98.5 mm

Single price 19.200,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

The Smart Mill® CAMLINE is a series of microprocessing systems, which were constructed especially forthe particular needs of dental technology. They are characterized bytheir compact structureand their particularly quiet operation.

The machines can handle zirconia, PMMA, composite, and wax blanks. The machine can also mill fully-anatomicalindications, i.e. long-term temporary teeth. The open and license-freesystem can import STL-files fromall common CAD applications. It is simpleand quick to learn how to operatethe machines with the CAM software that was developed specifically for thesedevices. A Jäger-high-frequency spindle with 60.000 rotationes/minute providesfor the highest level of precision and outstanding material surfaces.


Treatable materials: Zirconia, PMMA, wax, composite, disks/blanks Ø 98,5 mm

Area of procedure (x/y/z): 100 x 100 x 40 mm

Motor: Precision ball screw spindle in the 3 linear axles with 4 mm pitch

Accuracy of reproductions: ± 0,005 mm

Housing: Complete casing of the work area with a closeable front hatch, Hood catch (when opened, the machine enters the break mode)

Work area lighting: LED cold light

Dimensions: ca. L 400 x H 410 x W 385 mm

Software: CAM software specially designed for dentistry, tool and material library integrated in the control software for an easy output of the CAM data sets

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