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Vita - Inceramat II


- used device -

fully automatic microprocessor-controlled special surface for sinter and infiltrationburnings for creating high-strength, full-ceramic caps and frames in the VITA Inceram technique.
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The VITA INCERAMAT is designed exclusively for atmospheric long-term fires. All programs are entered at the factory but can be modified individually.

The ventilation of the VITA INCERAMAT is designed so that the escaping from the plaster dies can deduct up and cause no pollution on VITA In-Ceram framework.

The simultaneous firing of a larger number of frameworks is ensured by the size of the firing table and the combustion chamber.

Technical Specifications:

height 600mm
width 370mm
depth 410mm

Combustion chamber effective size:

diameter 110mm
height 80mm

weight 25kg
Mains voltage 230V
Power consumption max 1.5kW
Firing temperature max. 1200 ° C
- used device -
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