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Soredex Digora Vidi

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Your best choice when it comes to intraoral cameras!

High-resolution images without distortion
- Bright image under all conditions
- Reduced heat radiation
- Uniform illumination of the oral cavity
(Shadows and reflections are kept to a minimum)
Single price 2.240,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

Large viewing angle

DIGORA® Vidi provides an exceptionally wide viewing angle, which allows you to even distal areas with high precision to investigate.
The anatomical design of DIGORA® Vidi provides a wider viewing angle 15 degrees compared to standard straight design.
This in combination with a wide angle lens a simple representation of inaccessible areas of the mouth possible.
In addition improves the rounded shape of the compact camera head patient comfort.


Still images can be easily record by touching the optimally placed EasyTouch button. With the touch-sensitive key snapshots without having to move the handpiece. So you can always rely on your non-wobbled images!
The DIGORA® Vidi autofocus produces clear images from a single tooth to Panorama. The combination of auto focus and large depth of field saves time and makes the workflow easy and fluent. So you can concentrate fully on the patient.

Technical Specifications

technology: High-Sensitivity 1/4 "CCD
connection: USB 2.0 High-Speed
picture format: PAL 752 x 582/768 x 494 NTSC
resolution: 470 lines
sensitivity: 2 Lux
lighting: 8 high-power LED
luminous intensity: 35,000 lux, evenly distributed
color temperature: 6000 K = natural / daylight
picture angle: 80 °
perspective: 105 °
setting: Autofocus, no adjustment
Single image creation: By Easy touch button
image: Non-inverted
cable length: Total cable length 3.5
Dimensions handpiece (L x W x H): 205 x 28 x 24 mm
Dimensions distal end (camera head) (W x D): 16.5 x 10.8 mm
Weight handpiece: 55 g
total weight: 220 g

Scope of delivery:

Diagora Vidi hand camera, USB2 port, holder handpiece, scan Dora 5, Network Starter (1x workplace, 1x network, value 1.400, - €, manual, carrying cases).

- New -
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