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Dr`s Light

Dr's Light has many strong features. We provide enough facility to Dr's light for curing techniques as because of High power over 1600 mW / cm2. We provide different features in Dr's light as per the requirements of doctor. There are six program modes and easy to change irradiate time.
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It is also used as gun-type and pen-type. Interchangeable battery makes device for use semi-permanently. We supply this facility with extreme strategies. We provide Maintenance and use of safety equipment according to Standard Rules and Regulations.


  • 5 watt LED with Focused Light to prevent scattering
  • LCD Display
  • Cordless with 3300 rotation of head
  • 4 Smart modes. High Mode | Low Mode | Pulse Mode | Soft Start Mode
  • Disposable covers for Better Hygiene
  • Wave length: 440 nm-490 nm
  • Light intensity: 1600 mW / cm2
  • Beep Sound
  • With Samsung Battery
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