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Wax dipping unit digital

adjustable, with digital-display
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Wax Dipping Unit -digital-
The set-point temperature of the pot can be adjusted by a control on the front. The temperature is regulated electronical by a energy-saving control. The digital-display shows you the actual-temperature of the pot. By temperatures from 100°C up it shows "EE". A temperature-protection on the pot saves the device against excess temperature. The aluminium-pot is twirled out off one block and 2-times anodized. The case is consisting of PC (color ligh-grey - RAL 7035) and is temperature-resistant up to 135°C. The access happens by a power-line with Schuco - connector according to VDE.
A cap is used as protection against dust and contact.
technical data:
operation voltage 230V 50Hz
power input by preheating ca 85W, by operating ca 13W
temperature-interval of the pot ca 60-105°C +/- 0,5°C
temperature display LED, 2-digit, 0-99°C +/- 0,5°C, > 99°C="EE"
inside d=31mm, = 31,5mm
pot-content ca 25ml
case-dimensions w=120mm, d=80mm, h=70mm
- new device -
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