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Euronda E9 Recorder 24 liters

- New -

Euronda E9 Recorder with integrated label printer
only Ø 350 ml of water consumption per cycle

Ø only 28 minutes sterilization cycle
including. drying

lowest noise levels of only 52 db
Single price 5.500,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
The perfect synthesis of attractive design and practicality achievesrecord price, consumption and performance. Through the latesttechnology the new E9 Recorder guarantees perfect and completely safesterilization. In accordance with the European standard EN 13060 onlyB-cycles are used.
  • Scale in design quality with dynamic proportions and timeless beautiful aesthetics.
  • User orientation with "e-Touch" touch screen and "E-Light" lighting system.
  • Efficientin performance and fuel economy. Latest technology with innovativeventilation system and special steam generator for an excellentsterilization at the same time minimal noise and low electricity andwater consumption.
  • Ideal for use. Compact dimensions, low weight and the latest technology enable diverse installation possibilities.
  • Integrated recording and tracking through built-in label printer and SD memory card directly in the housing.
Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: L 460 x H 454 x D 632 mm
Power: 2300W / 10A
Weight: 44 kg
Noise: <50 dB
Warranty: 2 years - a maximum of 1,500 cycles

sterilization cycles
  • B121 ° C
  • B134 ° C
  • B134 ° C Prion
  • B134 ° C RAPIDO (fast cycle)
  • B134 ° C Rapido Prion
  • Test programs: Vacuum, Helix, B & D
Delivered with:
  • 5 perforated aluminum trays
  • Rotatable mounting for 5 trays or 3 cassettes
  • Tray removal handle
  • Drain hoses
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Printer with paper roll
  • Label printers in the model "Recorder"
- New -  

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