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Sirona prophylaxis ProFeel

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The ProFeel treatment unit supports you in the solo-treatment ergonomical optimally. All instruments and control elements are easy reachable. A healthy bearing optains its long ability.
The prophylaxis chair is matched ergonomical to the body's form.
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This gives your patients the certain feeling of security.
ProFeel is in matters of design entirely balanced to prophylaxis and differs significant from conventional units.
Attractive calendered glass-elements as well as the modern design of the water-unit create a ambiance to feel good.
space-saving room concept
applicable for practice-rooms from 6qm
prophylaxis-treatment and consulting on one place e.g. through the easy accessible spit-bowl with mirror for practices for dental care
ProFeel - unit with flexible spit-bowl and fountain (with new leather cover)
Sprayvit - the innovative multifunctional injection
Siroson L - the multilateral ultrasonic handpiece
OP-light (Faro)
new micromotor with full manufacturer's guarantee !
doctor-element with 4 seats
assistant-element with small and big sucker; both new
examiner-chair C (with new leather cover)
- used - year of construction 7/2001
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