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Elmasonic S 30 H

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Ultrasonic cleaner for timesaving and effective cleaning
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  • ultrasonic operating frequency (37 kHz) = efficient operation and excellent cleaning results.
  • electronic dial, LED set power and actual power bar displays (temperature / cleaning period) = user-friendly and clearly designed control panel.
  • continuous operation or timer operation settings from 1 - 30 min.
  • temperature regulated ultrasonic function (30 - 80°C / 86 - 176°F) and automatic cleaning start at the preselected temperature (settings in 5° graduations) = labour-saving with enhanced cleaning quality.
  • automatic circulation during heating ensures optimum, thorough mixing of the cleaning fluid = improved cleaning results.
  • sweep function (optimised ultrasonic field distribution) = optimum cleaning, particularly of large items.
  • degas function (+ auto degas) ensures efficient degassing of the cleaning fluid = superior cleaning results.
  • dry-run protection as the unit switches off automatically.
  • ultrasonic tank made of stainless steel, highly resistant to cavitation = greater durability.
  • stylish stainless steel housing = hygienic and easy to clean.
  • plastic handles = safe transport even when the housing is hot.
Technical Details
Tank, max. volume / operating volume approx. 2.75 litres / 1.90 litres
Tank, inner dimensions WxDxH approx. 240x137x100 mm
Unit, external dimensions WxDxH approx. 300x179x214 mm
Mains voltage (vac) 100 - 120 / 220 - 240
Ultrasonic frequency 37 kHz
Total power 280 W
Ultrasonic effective power 80 W
Ultrasonic peak power 320 W
Heating power 200 W
Weight approx. 3.3 kg

- new device -
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