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Dekema Austromat 664 iSiC

Merging user-oriented operation, short sintering cycles, low energy ­consumption and a very small footprint? Materialized through the ­AUSTROMAT 664 iSiC, the DEKEMA specific SiC heating technology makes it possible. Approximately forty copings or restorations with up to six units can by reliably sintered in one cycle with up to 1.530 °C.
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The high temperature furnace AUSTROMAT 664 iSiC is equipped with two silicon carbide heating elements to safely and consistently operate at temperatures up to 1.530 °C. All components of the AUSTROMAT 664 iSiC sintering chamber are made of highest purity, durable materials to ensure very homogeneous heat distribution in a clean atmosphere.

A patent pending, DEKEMA specifi c Platin/Platin Rhodium thermocouple monitors the temperature inside the sintering chamber. Approximately 15 copings with a maximum diameter of 65 mm might be simultaneously sintered on top of the patented insulation table,
optionally in two levels doubling capacity. Our time tested AUTODRY system has been further improved, providing both, precise drying steps, as well as quick and direct heating and cooling steps, for extremely short sintering cycles.


Size (H x W x D)780 x 383 x 343 mm3
Weight21 kg
Power Supply230 V / 50 to 60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption2 kW
Tmax1.530 °C
Touch Screen7,5“ Farbe
Program resumption after power failure
Housing: Anodized aluminum
Corporate Design Customizationoptional
SiC heating element: DEKEMA specific, high purity heating elements made of SiC (silicon carbide), firing at high temperatures, no discoloration
Multi-compound fiber insulation: Multilayer insulation for sintering at high temperatures
Multi-compound fiber insulation table: For sintering at high temperatures
Sintering accessories: sintering in one level
Sintering accessories: sintering in second leveloptional
Micro-Pearls: non-deforming sintering of dental restorationsoptional
Sintering plate for Micro-Pearls
QR Readeroptional
USB interface: Transfer firing programs (dds)/ transfer image files (jpeg)/save quality management files (dfl )2x(●/●/●)

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