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Dekema Austromat 624


Furnace for firing dental ceramics under vacuum
- Including vacuum pump -
Price on request

Furnace for firing dental ceramics under vacuum

• Extraordinary firing results
• Easy-to-use program manager with 200 programs
• Intuitive program entry
• Large scratchproof glass touchscreen
• USB interface for easy data transfer, software update or operation using a mouse
• Autodry - for targeted drying and precise cooling


• Connection to the DEKEMA Internet database
• Operation via PC or MAC using a JAVA™ Internet browser
• Operation via iPod touch, iPhone or iPad
• Comprehensive quality management possibilities

DEKEMA Autodry:

Simulates the object temperature measurement and automatically regulates the distance of the object to the firing chamber via the vibration-free lift for precise drying and cooling phases. Autodry has even been refined and geared to the requirements of state-of-the-art ceramics.

Automatic self-test:

Internal test routines permanently monitor the temperature during the program sequence.

Check program:

In order to determine the maintenance intervals, an automatic diagnostic routine for all system components is included.


Units, language, date, time, screen settings, network (optional), general code, furnace ID, acoustic signal, drying temperature, heating settings, long-term standby, lift settings, check program, cleaning fire, temperature calibration, leak test, printer, quality management (optional), diagnostic data, log-in data (optional), backup/recovery, FTP server log-in (optional) and much more.


2 USB, 1 Ethernet (RJ 45)

Software options for function extension (optional):

Internet access, JAVA™ remote access, VNC remote access, FTP server, FTP client, quality management, X-DREAM, OPC server

-new- Price on request !

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