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Bego Triton SLA cleaner

- new -
"Wet" and "dry steam" cleaner
Single price 2.850,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
  • Environmentally sound, intensive and versatile.
  • High-performance unit with "wet" and "dry steam" setting.
  • Fixed water connection with BEGO full demineralisation cartridge.
  • Steam pressure of approx.3 bar for gentle but thorough cleaning.
  • High degree of safety through fixed connections consisting of copper tubing.Corrosion-resistant housing made of special steel and plastic.
  • Well-insulated spray gun with pressure switch facilitates work.
  • Water monitoring device stops water supply immediately in the event of leaks.
The technical data:
Weight (Net) [mm] 540.0
Width (Net) [mm] 380.0
Depth (net) [mm] 280.0
Capacity / content 2,9 l
Nominal voltage [V] 200 - 240V 50/60Hz
Temperature [°C] 133° C
Water connection [Connection thread] 3/4', 4 - 6 bar
Weight (Net) [kg] 13.0
Triton SLA with full demineralisation cartridge, ring spanner incl.

- New -
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