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Renfert Magma preheating furnace with Kat

- new -
The versatile oven for reliable results

An oven is not just an oven, and Renfert has given the Magma some exciting new features.
  • Consistent quality of the combustible material
  • Time-saving firing procedure
  • Clear operating elements
  • 50 free adjustable programs
  • Engagement opportunity in a running program
  • A stored program can be????K??
Price up to now:
2.550,00 EUR
Single price 2.350,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

The typical Renfert extra value is now available for preheating: Users fi nd their daily work signifi cantly easier, safer and yielding higher quality results and enjoy the long-term advantages of a secure investment.

We achieve this with the following philosophy:
  • Central element of the highest quality
  • Concentration on useful functions
  • Intelligent overall concept for optimum power
  • and long service
  • Unbeatable guarantee
  • For example, space for 4× size 6 plus 3× size 3 casting rings or 9× size 3 casting rings - ideal combustion area size
  • oven door with special ceramic fibres for holding casting rings

  • Max. heating speed to 900°C in 60 min.
  • special speed program available

Accurate and reliable:
  • Type S: Pt-RhPt temperature sensor
  • four-sided heater/muffle chamber in one piece
  • ideal temperature distribution in oven
  • actual temperature at casting ring height shown
  • controlled heating rate of 0-9°C per minute
  • accurate, gentle and also fast heating available

Easy to use:
  • no learning period required to operate oven
  • symbols easily understood
  • casting time input in real time (date and time)
  • fewer faulty castings, no time wasted with complex programming

Innovative ceramic base:
  • Molten wax is collected at the back of the oven at the extractor, not at the door (optimised outlet for combustion residues)

High-performance catalytic converter

The Magma has an ideal design with a catalyst converter that can be controlled at the oven:
  • Optimal ventilation of the furnace room
  • Catalytic post-combustion of furnace gasses (i.e. wax gasses)
  • Chemical transformation of organic constituents into carbon dioxide and steam
  • Unpleasant odours greatly reduced

And we save the best for last:
  • Renfert offers a three-year guarantee for the complete preheating oven!
  • The thermal sensor is the only exclusion.
  • This means: the guarantee even includes the heating elements (up to max. 6000 operating hours) - this must be unique in the world.
- New -

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