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Renfert Twister venturi

- New -

economical entry level unit, outstanding mixing results, shorter total stirring time, ultra-rapid vacuum build-up.

Rapid and more controllable vacuum build-up
The Twister venturi uses the existing compressed air supply in the laboratory so that a vacuum pump is not required. Optimized development of the Venturi principle has given the Twister venturi superior performance data: not only is the vacuum build-up exceptionally rapid (up to 24 l / min), both the vacuum and the motor speed can be regulated, even during mixing.


  • vacuum display
  • vacuum control (up to -880 mbar)
  • motor speed control
  • mixing time control
  • mixing bowls in 5 sizes
Single price 745,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

Unit fuseT 1,6 A (230 V) / T 3,15 A (120 V)
Motor fuseT 8 A
Voltage230 V / 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Current consumption150 W
rpm 150 - 400
Max. vacuum / Bowl pressure abs.≈ -880 mbar / ≈ 90 mbar
Cable length2 m (78.74 inch)
Dimensions (WxHxD)140 x 325 x 225 mm (5.52 x 12.81 x 8.87 inch)
Weight ≈ 6,5 kg
Working pressure4,5 - 7 bar (65.3 - 101.5 psi)
Vacuum capacity / min.24 l

- New -
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