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Sirio SR-620 light-hardening device

- new -
Through a special selector can all lights and either only the eight alternately above and laterally arranged on a rotating plate UVA lamps be used.
Single price 750,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

On the rear side, two halogen lamps are arranged behind a protective glass through which the light may act on each point of the work.
On the front panel control all functions are included, with which the duration of the photopolymerization cycle can be selected.
On the back next to a hour meter, the ventilation wheel, by the overheating of the plastics is avoided during the polymerization.

technical data:
light wavelength 320 - 550 nm
4 x 9 W PLS910 lamps
4 x 9 W PLS952 lamps
1 x 150 W halogen lamps
line voltage 230 V
power output 320 W
weight 10 kg
- new -
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