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Hager & Werken Speed Labolight

- new -
universal light-polymerization device for all light hardening dental-synthetics
Single price 1.065,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

universal light-polymerization device
  • nanometer range 320-550 nm
  • optimized light-mixture for homogeneous and safe hardening • circular arrangement of 8 flash light at a rotary disk (Ø 14 cm) plus 1 halogen lamp • interval rotary disk for consistant exposure to light and hardening
  • adjustable from 1 second uo to 99 minutes overheat control, polymerizationtemperature in the chamber doesn't reach 40 °C.
  • durable (ca. 1000 hours.), easy exchangeable illuminant
  • acoustic signal for polymerizationsend
  • operating hours counter
  • brilliant cost/performance ratio
technical specifications:

input: 225 W
operating voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz
fuse: 1 x 2,5 A
illumination: 8 x 9 W T1 (white light)
4 x 9 W T8 (UV-A)
1 x 150 W (halogen)
size: 25 x 29 x 24 cm
rotary disk: Ø 14 cm
weight: 7 kg

- new device -

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