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sensor dispenser

- new device -
battery-operated sensor dispenser for disinfectant or foam-soap.
including 4 batteries type D (enough for more than 100.000 spray operations)
wall fastening through screwing or bonding possible (including installation material)
Single price 85,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
- new device -
Fully automated sensor technique
The dispenser mechanism is triggered without contact and gives away exactly the adjusted amount of disinfectant (1,4 ml) as the case may be foam soap (0,75 g).
Variable sensor adjustment
The range of the sensor can be adjusted individually with the help of a controller.
A safety-mechanism avoids the escaping of fluid at opened front lid.
Adjustable spraying-mode
You select according to your demand basic or duplex proportioning.
Valve mechanism
By closing the case the intrusion of other substances into the disinfectant material/soap is avoided.
User-friendly LED-display
The red blinking of the LED-light shows low battery.
Green light signalizes availability.
Independent current entry
The battery-mode makes a electrical connection unnecessary and enables even more than 100.000 spraying operations.
Maximum flexibility
The battery-mode enables a versatile usage of the dispenser - detached as well als wall-mounted.
Timesaving filling level display
A transparent window enables checking the filling level anytime at closed front lid.
Technical data:
dimensions: W: 144 mm, D: 106 mm, H: 255 mm
weight 740 g (without chemicals)
dispenservolume: ca 1,4 ml disinfectant
or 0,75 g foam soap pro puff
bottle-capacity: 1 l
power source 4 Alkali-batteries type D
- new device -
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