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Shopping - fast, comfortable and easy
By Ziro-Dent you can comfortable buy round the clock via internet - simply from home.
Browse our wares categories and then click on the product you're interested in to get datailed information. You can even use the input field "search" to find products directly. To get back to the respectively last page use the "back" button of your webbrowser.

Your shopping cart
On the product-detail-pages you can find an input field for the amount and a button "add to cart".
At first type in the desired quantity and then click on "add to cart" to add the product to your virtual shopping list.
Then you can continue your shopping spree and add further products to the cart or edit your order.

Edit orders
Click on the item "shopping cart" overhead on the right in the green bar if you want to see your current order.
You now get an overview of the articles you added to your cart before.
If you want to change the purchase order quantity retroactively type in the new quantity and click on the button "apply new quantity".
If you want to remove a product totally from your order click on the delete-symbol quite left.
To view up details of your products of your shopping cart click on the suitable name in your cart.
If your order is completed click on the button "next step".

Your personal data
This is the second step of the order process. You have two options here.
  • If you are a new customer please click on "Next" under the headline "Please proceed to create an account".
  • If you are a returning customer please click on "Login" under the headline "Already have an account? Sign in here".

Types of dispatch and payments
In the next window select the desired type of dispatch.
If mailing expenses are added they are shown now.
The types of dispatch are predefined according to the size and weight of your order for the benefit of you and can't be changed. Choose the payment you desire in the second grey highlighted box. By prepayment viz. direct transfer of the invoice amount we afford 2 percent discount from the net invoice amount. Then you will see a euro-amount with a prefixed minus sign. This amount will be discounted from the next bill. Then click on the button "next step".
Please think on opproving the terms and conditions.

Optional message
From this point it's only one step to complete your order. Here you have the possibility to leave us a message in relation to your order.

Everything ok?
After this the pooling of orders appears where the order is displayed as overview.
Please check once again if everything is alright if all articles and their quantity is right and if you selected the desired type of dispatch and payment method.
You can call up all steps once again to change details if necessary. For this intention click with the mouse on the circuit graphics 1 to 5 or click on the particular links like "change billing address". If everything is ok please click on "send order" to complete the order.
Notice: If you selected "direct debit" as payment method a page will appear where you can type in your bank details.

Your email-address
Please be specially careful by typing in your email-address because we use it to get in touch with you.
Additional: Your email-address is in principle your customer number by Ziro-Dent witch which we can identify you definitely.
Cookies and pop-ups
Some functions in our shop use cookies to save data on your computer. You have to activate cookies in your webbrowser to use this functions.
Our shop opens an encrypted transfered window by finishing your order. If you use a pop-up blocker on your computer you should deactivate it because otherwise you maybe can't finish your order.