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Zeiser® Diagonal pin drilling unit

- used -
Zeiser pin drilling unit with equipment
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Zeiser® II pin drilling unit "Diagonal"
the Zeiser® II pin drilling unit with conic carbide drill, chip breaker and direction finding needle can be adjusted in two drilling depths for 7 and 10 mm socket-plates.
the drilling depth is adjustable according to the input-depth of the pins.
included in delivery:
HM drill
linear spool valve small black
linear spool valve big blue
tube-plugging-key Diagonal
flat wrench
srewdriver small for adjustment
screwdriver for linear spool valve
lateral paddle pusher
direction finding needle
technical data:
185 x 150 x 195 mm
weight 7 kg
engine speed 2700 R/min
230 V / 140 W
- used device, in the very best condition !
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