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Wassermann polishing unit WP-EX 3000 II

- new -

Compact unit with built-in reinforced suction and mounted polishing motor.

Infinitely variable speed 750-6000 rev / min.
Single price 3.595,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

* Compact and powerful stainless steel polishing units for daily laboratory use
* High-torque, durable and maintenance-free squirrel cage motors
* WP-Ex 3000: in stages adjustable from 750-6000 min-1
* Two extra large micro minipleat bags, easily replaceable
* Impact-resistant, adjustable safety glass blinds and integrated daylight LEDs
* Two removable full rubber polishing troughs easily
* Built-in drawer
* Easy to clean
* Extensive safety equipment


* Extremely high-torque, high torque motor;
* 2 stages: 1500 and 3000 rev / min;
* Quiet and durable

Technical specifications:
Dimensions WxHxD: 680 x 486 x 527
Mains voltage 220 V / 50/60 Hz; 2.8A
Power: 639 W
1500/3000 U / min; additionally 750 - 6000 U / min adjustable
Fan 445 m3 / h
52 kg

- New - including 2 polishing spindles and micro-fine dust filter bags.

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