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Vario-S 55/2 desk-light

- new device -
complete with electronical supply unit and 2 daylight-producing lamps 55 watts, additional desk-screwed-flange pivot-arm with 3 links (Vario-S), continuous inclinable, arbitrarily positionable.
Single price 698,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
Gas pressure spring in the upper and lower pivot-arm integrated
dimensions Vario-S
55/2: 625 x 195 x61 (L x W x H in mm)
- new -
Mounting with two compact fluorescent tubes TC-L 55 up to 5200 lux on the workstation (at 50 cm measure distance)
Continuous adjustable without any operation on bolts.
Rugged design with big throat.
Unique pivot-arm-technology
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