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Ser.No. 24A43107 R

Baujahr 2014, Neu, noch eingeschweißt in der Originalverpackung !


50% Rabatt auf den Neupreis !

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- New -

The CRANEX® 3D incl. Cranex Software (single-user solution)
ready for 3D
31.300,00 EUR
- New -

The CRANEX® 3D with 2 receiving volume 6 x 4 cm + 6 x 8 cm
with different resolutions
incl. Panorama-CMOS sensor for real panoramic photography
62.600,00 EUR
- New -

The CRANEX® 3D Panoramic Ceph with 2 fixed mounted CMOS sensors
incl. SCAN DORA 2D X software (single-user solution)
ready for 3D
Standard: Left arm / optional southpaw
49.500,00 EUR
- New -

CRANEX® D - an innovative direct digital panoramic X-ray machine
27.965,00 EUR
- New -

The CRANEX® Novus is a fast and easy-to-use digital X-ray system.
It is designed for dental offices that want a first class digital panoramic unit at an affordable price.
19.550,00 EUR
- New -

Your best choice when it comes to intraoral cameras!
High-resolution images without distortion
- Bright image under all conditions
- Reduced heat radiation
- Uniform illumination of the oral cavity
(Shadows and reflections are kept to a minimum)
2.240,00 EUR
- New -

Intraoral imaging plate X-ray machine

Simple and efficient work at dental unit, fully daylight-capable.
No cassettes or adapter required.
Readout time and delete the sheet in 6 seconds.
Network ready or Twain compatible.
5.900,00 EUR
- New -

Scanner for intraoral film recordings
The new revolutionary scanner that sets itself apart from on the market.
The innovative technology with ease of use realized an image forming in brilliant quality and at lightning speed.
- Opticlean concept with automated, internal UV disinfection
- Handling contactless
- Visual user interface
6.990,00 EUR
- New -

Intraoral X-ray machine
Scheduled Recording settings.
Specially designed handle, ensures precise and easy positioning of the radiator.
Unique, adjustable arm reach.
3.150,00 EUR
- New -

3D Volumetric Tomography and digital panoramic imaging in a combined system.
In the 3D volume tomography can change thickness, angle and representation any change.
Incl. Panoramic camera for 2D images.
Switching between 3D and panoramic happens simply by pressing a button.
Automatic display of radiation exposure (DFP) after each shot.
This corresponds to the new legal requirements.
105.000,00 EUR
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