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Sirona treatment unit M1

- Used -

* Rebuilt
* Repainted
* New hoses
* Biofilmremoving
* Sirona maintenance kit
Single price 12.950,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
The overhaul includes the following points:

* Cleaning of the complete treatment unit
* All instrument hoses are replaced with new ones
* The suction hoses to be replaced
* All water-carrying and inner suction and sewer lines to be replaced
* An original Sirona maintenance kit is used
* Removing a biofilm is carried out (removal of biofilm in the unit)
* New upholstery in your favorite color
* Completely repainteddoctor's element:
- light-turbine-clutch
- 2 x SL motor with light
- calculus-remove-device
- sprayvit with media-heater
- big and small sucker
- sprayvit with media-heater
- spit-bowl
- amalgam-cutter
patient's chair with foot switch
trayarm with tablet
OP-light Sirolux
- used -

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