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Sirona Orthophos Multiplus

- Used equipment -

High safety for the diagnosis
Excellent image quality at lowest dose
convenient operation
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High safety for the diagnosis:

* 16 Panorama programs
* Additional 4 cephalometric programs
* Transversal layers optional

Excellent image quality at lowest dose:

* Multi-pulse emitter 90 kV
* Secure patient fixation
* Automatic adjustment of
Film layer to the expanse of skull
Patients (determined by the
Side support)
* Spinal column compensation via
automatic kV increase
* Setting correction for anterior anomalies

Convenient operation:

* Light localizers for quick patient
* Convenient motor settings
* Practical MultiTimer simple
* Automatic storage of
Exposure parameters and
positioning data
* Visualized help message
* Integrated storage compartments for accessories

Technical Specifications :
Mains voltage 230 V
Rated current max. 12 A
Power consumption 2.8 kW
Tube voltage 60-90 kV
Tube current 9-16 mA
Image scale is about 1: 1.19
Focal spot size of 0.5 mm
Cassette size 15x30 cm (6 "x 12")

- Used - built in 1995
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