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Sintering furnaces

- Used -

The Cercon ® heat has proven itself since 2001, well.
Better proof than the high quality scaffolding of almost 5.7 million dental units can not exist.
® heat is suitable for Cercon ® base frameworks up to 47 mm anatomical length.
In him
about 30 dental units can be sintered in a process.
The maximum temperature
in this furnace is 1350 ° C and the sintering process takes about 6 hours.
1.500,00 EUR
- Gebraucht -

Vollautomatischer, mikroprozessor-gesteuerter Spezialbrennofen für Sinter- und Infiltrationsbrände zur Herstellung hochfester, vollkeramischer Kappen und Gerüste in der VITA In-Ceram Technik.
750,00 EUR

- used device -

fully automatic microprocessor-controlled special surface for sinter and infiltrationburnings for creating high-strength, full-ceramic caps and frames in the VITA Inceram technique.
800,00 EUR
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