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Shofu Solidilite V

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Light curing unit for dental laboratory
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Solidilite V

Light curing unit for dental laboratory

The Solidilite V light curing unit is designed to optimally polymerise the ceramic-filled micro-hybrid composites (as for example Solidex und Ceramage).
With an extraordinary high light output of 600W and an effective heat conduction system, it guarantees gentle curing which is appropriate for the material involved, with a short exposure time.
Four powerful halogen lamps, 150W each with a light wave spectrum of 400-550 nm, guarantee efficient curing in the compact polymerisation chamber.

Light curing unit for dental laboratory

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  • Easily operated

  • Three light exposure programmes (1 min. / 3 min. / 5 min.) as well as individual settings
  • Shadowless curing of the objects by the height adjustable turntable
  • Efficient heat conduction system
  • Electronic counting of operating hours
  • Soft-start function for extension of intensity and longer bulb life

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Material properties

  • Rated supply voltage: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Fuse: 2x 3.15 A time-lag
  • Lamp: 4x halogen bulb JCR 110V 150W
  • Dimensions: W 23 cm x D 25.2 cm x H 35.4 cm
  • Weight: approx. 9.5 kg
  • Spectral range: 400-550 nm
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