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Schick L Protect

- New -

The world's first LED-backlit windshield

L Protect completely (without suction hood)
Single price 355,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
Equipped with high-efficiency SMD LEDs provides L Protect an outstanding illumination of the workspace without distracting shading, while ensuring a high level of occupational safety.

The world's first LED-backlit windshield L Protect from Schick Dental offers the unique combination of a modern, energy-saving workplace lighting and a windscreen made of laminated safety glass. This is the legal safety requirements for a dental work in full justice.

individually applicable

The high-quality LED windshield can be attached by recording adapter to almost all commercially available suction.
A separate application is possible thanks to an optional table stand.

The easy tool-free separation of the LED frame and the protection plate allows for quick disc changes when necessary.
With a brightness of 2500 lux (brighter than two 60W bulbs) and a minimum energy consumption of 8 watts L Protect is an economical alternative / complement to traditional lighting systems.

L Protect provides a range of impressive benefits:

* Light and shadow-free illumination
* Durable and energy-saving SMD LEDs
* Safe working by ESG safety glass
* Simple tool-free separation of the LED frame and the protection plate
* Compatible with popular suction
* Optional table stand available

Scope of delivery:

* Windscreen
* Lighting frame with LEDs
* Clamp cpl.
* AC adapter and adapter plate for various suction mouths

- New -
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