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Schick Concept G2

- new device -
Until now, many models have necessitated saw cutting by hand, due to the limited space between prepared teeth or irregularities in the alignment of stumps.
With the new G2 Concept, these sawing operations can be carried out mechanically with the utmost precision, since the saw performs its function from below.
The G2 Concept provides for the optimum saw cutting of all models without damaging the preparation boundary.
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Plaster saw with segmented diamond sawblade and line-marking laser

• Performs all types of saw cut without damaging the preparation boundary
• Line-marking laser ensures user-convenience and permits precise cut positioning
• Ergonomic, futuristic design
• Soft starting and instant stopping
• Sensor technology ensures a high standard of safety (two- hand safety circuit)
• Ball-bearing mounted direct drive with high pulling power

Method of use

The model, complete with pins, placed on the saw table and positioned with both hands. Thanks to the integral line-marking laser, accurate positioning can be carried out even without practice. Light pressure on the model lowers the saw table, permitting the saw blade to penetrate into the model, resulting in a clean saw cut at right angles to the plane of the table and parallel with the pins.

The precise depth of cut can now be determined to achieve the optimum appearance. Simple, clean, precise and time-saving sawing is thus assured.

The appliance also guarantees the safety of the user. Thanks to integral sensors, it can only be operated with both hands. An external vacuum extraction system reliably removes the sawdust through an integral extractor socket at the rear, directing it downwards. A 230 V socket is also provided at the rear for this purpose.
Technical documentation :

Dimensions and technical documentation
Width: 375 mm
Height: 160 mm
Depth: 390 mm

Weight: 4,5 kg
Rated voltage: 230 / 115 / 100 V
Rated frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Input capacity: 80 W
Speed: 7.500 rpm
Extractor socket: dia. 38 mm
Extractor adaptor: Art.-No. 1580
Laser category: 3A
Laser wavelength: 650 nm

Diamond-Sawblade :

Ø 85x20 mm, segmented
Width of cut: 0,3 mm
Depth of cut: 26,5 mm
Supply :
G2-Concept modelsaw complete:
G2-Concept modelsaw with integrated laser light source, mains cable, diamond sawblade, 30 supporting plates

- New -

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