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Renfert catalyst

- new device -
* Optimized ventilation of the furnace chamber
* Catalytic oxidation of furnace gases (eg wax fumes)
* Chemical conversion of organic matter into carbon dioxide and water vapor
* Strong reduction of odor nuisance
Single price 650,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

  • the optional catalyzer is controlled centrally from the furnace and integrated intelligent in the programs
  • in the standard-program the catalyst is automaticly shut down when 650°C (1202°F) is reached what is positive for the longevity
  • when the program is executed and the technician doesn't shut down the Magma after the acoustic signal the controller awaits the operating of Speed-embedding compound and therefore it starts the catalyst again
  • because the muffles doesn't have the same temperature like the internal of the furnace the waxgases wouldn't entirely burn up and degrade the compartment air
  • therefore the catalyst is operative continuously in the Speed-program
  • this switching boosts the durability of the catalyst and air quality of your laboratory
- new -
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