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Renfert basic quattro sandblaster

  • easy tank upgrade, tool-free due to the quick connection and colour coded system.
  • integrated air blast nozzle for cleaning the objects and hands.
  • large blasting chamber (20 l) allows maximum freedom of movement.
Single price 1.175,00 EUR
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1+1=3The special mixing chamber (venturi principle) and the special IT nozzles provide the following

Basic quattro 25-70 µ/70-250 µ 230 V - Renfert
1) Perfectly even: sandblasting flow, sandblasting pressure and blasting effectReproducible results and reliable and even surface conditioning for perfect bonding characteristics without stress or cracks in porcelain.

2) Efficient sandblasting The sandblasting flow consists of an optimal air-sand mixture, regardless of the tank fill level, with minimal to no pre or post flow. This offers an unbeatably low sandblasting material consumption which reduces the sandblasting material costs by up to 80% (proven through independent studies by the University of Osnabrück in 2007).

Basic quattro 25-70 µ/70-250 µ 230 V - Renfert
Basic quattro 25-70 µ/70-250 µ 230 V - Renfert
3) Focussed, effective and safe sandblastingReproducibly reliable and focussed blasting strength for efficient sandblasting without scattering loss of abrasive. The best protection for delicate objects.

Basic quattro 25-70 µ/70-250 µ 230 V - Renfert
PerfectView ConceptMany different ideas and techniques have been integrated to provide the Basic unit operator the best possible view of the piece of work.

These include:
Basic quattro 25-70 µ/70-250 µ 230 V - Renfert
Innovative LED Technology – the perfect balance between diffuse and direct light.The layout of the new LED lights and the way that their light is distributed from various different diffusers simultaneously produces two contrasting advantages: the best contour and detail recognition on the object and at the same time a homogenously illuminated sandblasting chamber (4.800 Lux).

Basic quattro 25-70 µ/70-250 µ 230 V - Renfert
Daylight LEDs – the more spectrum there is means the more there is to seeDaylight offers stronger contrasts and clear shade recognition on the illuminated object. Moreover, the human eye is familiar with daylight which makes working with the Basic units even more precise, more natural and therefore more comfortable.

Ventilation Technology – Clear viewWithin the Basic unit working chambers (from the „master“ up) there is no unnecessary air/sand turbulence between object and viewing window thanks to the optimally positioned ventilation slits. The operator therefore has a clear view.

Silicone coated screen – Clear views, above average service lifeA completely transparent but elastic silicone coating from which the sand grains simply bounce off and cause less damage. The Basic glass windows (optional in the „classic“ version) remain clear for a considerably longer period of time.

The maximum view possible – Large glass flap and no restrictionsThe maximum possible opening and a perfect view into every corner of the blasting chamber is supported by the intelligently placed tube position.
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