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Renfert Twister evolution venturi

- New -
The units with the byname "evolution" have over 100 individually programmable mixing programmes and are distinguished by their intuitive operation.
Advantage: Absolute reproducibility of all mixing results at the simple touch of a button.
Single price 1.125,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
Reliable results
The motor has an exceptionally high torque, which allows it to mix very large quantities without any problem. Results are optimal and consistently reproducible even with materials that are very tough and difficult to mix. The Twister evolution pro can also mix any type of investment easily at a motor speed of up to 600 rpm.

Venturi Principle
Units with the description "venturi" function without the use of a motor pump. They need an additional compressed air connection. Advantage: Almost entirely maintenance free and lower costs.

- New -
Pre-mixing The two pre-mixing functions take care of both materials (plaster and investment material) individually, and prevent the powder from being forced out of the mixing area from the start. At the same time the mixing paddles "pick up" the powder from the upper edges through well directed movements of the now free flowing material. The mixing ratio, which is particularly important for the expansion behaviour, is therefore consistently maintained."

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