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Renfert Power Pillo gypsum graver

- New -
The Power-Pillo is a maintenance-free deflasking chisel for the removal of plaster and investment material.
Its special sturdy construction is designed for permanent use.
Single price 395,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

  • heavy duty components made of High-Tech steel with diamond-resemblant PVD* hardcoat layer (*Physical Vapour Deposition) -> minimal wear-and-tear.
  • no unpleasant vibration.
  • power is infinitely variable via an adjusting ring varies the strike frequency and strike power.
  • full strike power transfer-red straight to the chisel insert.
  • supplied with all-purpose flat chisel.
  • 6 chisel inserts are available (No. 5022-0600 can also be individually shaped).
  • easy to hold, non-slip handle due to special grip material.
  • small, light construction.
  • used in conjunction with a filter pressure regulator permits fine tuning of working pressure (1-6 bar risp. 14.5-87 psi).
Technical Details
    Working pressure 1-6 bar (14.5-87 psi)
      Connection pressure, exterior 4-6 bar (58-87 psi)
        Air consumption max. 40-50 l/min.
          Hand/arm vibration as per DIN EN 28662 Part 1/2 1.93 m/s2
            Noise level LpAeq (work environment emission value) as per DIN EN 45635,
              Sheet 1 / Part 20 78 dB(A)
                Hose length 2 m (78.74 inch)
                  Dimensions Ø 30 x 155 mm (1.18 x 6.11 inch)
                    Weight approx. 560 g

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