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Renfert Mobiloskop S

- new -
The stereo microscope with swivel arm is an indispensable aid for precision work and optimum detail control. It is flexible and swivels and can therefore be shared by several workstations. The magnification permits the highest demands to be achieved for fittings, seals and preparation borders in dental technology.
Price up to now:
1.335,00 EUR
Single price 1.345,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
  • Mobiloskop S with support arm5 x and 10 x magnification possible
  • Aspherical lenses ensure a distortion-free image with high marginal detail
  • Bilateral dioptre compensation, three dimensional view
  • Pupil distance individually adjustableIndividually adjustable in all directions (360°)
  • Suitable for up to four work stations

Technical Specifications

Light path: 45°, angled
Visual field diameter:
44 mm [1.734 inches] (5x),
22 mm [0.867 inches] (10x)
Focal depth:
22 mm [0.867 inches] (5x),
10 mm [0.394 inches] (10x)
Working distance:
approx. 150 mm [5.91 inches]
Weight: approx. 3 kg

Mains voltage: 230 / 110-140 / 240 V
Current consumption: 0.8 A
Operating voltage: 12 V AC

- New -
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