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Renfert EASY view 3D Mikroskop

The Renfert EASY view 3D Dental Viewer is an innovative video microscope featuring a 3D monitor.
Single price 2.200,00 EUR
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  • The 3D mode enables natural hand-eye coordination when performing delicate tasks
  • Fatigue-free, ergonomic work possible thanks to sustained natural, healthy posture when viewing objects on the monitor
  • High-resolution photos and video sequences can be generated in full HD quality for documentation and communication via a network or integrated USB stick


  • Precise, safe and controlled work possible under 15x or 20x magnification
  • Allows a perfect view of objects thanks to daylight LEDs with 5,000 Kelvin
  • Material-optimized image reproduction using 4 different object modes
  • Virtually latency-free work permits handling in real time
  • Full HD 3D monitor with special 3D eyeglasses ensures sharp high-definition image reproduction
  • Updateable for the latest software and features
  • Ideally suited for training purposes and presentations through additional 2-D monitors or projectors

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