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Reitel Steamy mini

- new device -
the cheap resolution for multiuser-operators and small consumer
Single price 1.200,00 EUR
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The STEAMY MINI is suitable for cleaning small items, dental objects, instruments and for detailed use on larger objects.

Grease, sticky wax, pickling agents, various contaminants and adhesives are gently removed without affecting the object itself. Environmentally safe, because no chemicals are needed. Stubborn contamination in places that are difficult to access can easily be removed using the patented cleaning brushes for internal and external cleaning. Owing to its compact design, it requires only a small amount of space.

The STEAMY MINI is designed mainly for small laboratories or for multiple workstations in larger laboratories.

technical data:
electric supply 230V/50Hz
power input 1100W
height/width/depth 230/280/310 mm
weight 10 kg
temperature 140°C
pressure 0-4 bar variable
volume 3 l
wetness 1 level
filling manual case high quality steel
- new device -

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