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NSK surgical micromotor with light SGL70M

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Shorter, Lighter and More Powerful
Consistently Excellent Clinical Performance
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An Advanced Surgical Motor for Demanding Clinical Enviroments
NSK developed the Surgic Pro SGL70M by analizing feedback from clinicians to ensure that this 5th generation surgical micromotor satisfies professional requirements. The light and compact SurgicPro SGL70M features an LED for high visibility, with up to 80Ncm of torque for diverse surgical procedures, paving the way for an advanced treatment enviroment.

Well-balanced with a compact, lightweight micromotor.
The conventional Micromotor has been thoroughly streamlined, achieving further reductions in size and weight. The more compact size also improves balance during use. The 16.2mm small size and 42g lightness greatly reduce the burden on clinicians.

Supports high-temperature sterilization with its superior durability
It supports autoclave disinfection and thermo-disinfection washing, making it highly safe.

The LEDs enable more precise treatment.
NSK`s LED lights generate natural daylight-quality light, appropriately illuminate the treatment area, enable more precise surgery and shorten operation times. Furthermore, they increase safety by not overheating even during extended use and increase economy due to their long life.

- New -
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