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NSK angle handpiece FX75m 16:1

- New -
? 16:1 Reduction
? Stainless Steel Body
? Miniature Head
? For engine files
? 360° Rotation
? Push Button Chuck
? Max Speed: 1,250 min-1
Single price 255,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
The FX hand and angle handpiece series of NSK stands for compact, hygienic instruments.
The slim, elegant shape gives you an extended operating range and provides a secure grip.
By using stainless steel reduces the weight compared to previous models,
the use of instruments is facilitated accordingly. Thanks to its seamless appearance are the
Clean handpieces the FX series hygienic and easily.
For a wide range of applications includes the FX series in addition to standard instruments including those for
Endodontics and prophylaxis.

- New -
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