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NSK Varios 570 LED Ultrasonic-Scaler

- New -
The design of Varios 570 is compact yet versatile; the large power dial, clear indication and large water volume knob offer easy, comfortable and patient-friendly power and water supply adjustment. NSK LED delivers natural daylight quality light bringing significant advantages to the way you work.
Single price 935,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
-Powered by iPiezo engine
-Simple and intuitive power setting by the large dial
-Handpiece is washable in the thermodisinfector and autoclavable up to 135?

Varios 570 Complete Set
-Control unit
-AC adaptor
-Varios Handpiece (Optic)
-Handpiece Cord (Optic)
-Water Tube Set
-Foot control (FC-70)
-3 Scaling tips (G4, G6, G8)
-Tip wrench

-Power Supply : AC 100V - 240V 50/60Hz
-Frequency : 28-32 KHz
-Max. output : 11 W (G mode)
-Dimensions : W160 x D135 x H65 (mm)
-Unit weight : 0.43 kg

- New -
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