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NSK VarioSurg 3 with LED non FT complete set

- New -

complete with LED, without footpedal

Single price 4.015,00 EUR
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VarioSurg offers strong and precise cutting power enhanced with TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated bone cutting tips. The ultrasonic approach to surgery reduces heat generation to minimise osteonecrosis and avoid damage to surrounding soft tissue. Depending on the bone density, three types of "Burst Mode" are available to improve cutting efficiency (hammer drill effect). With a variety of tips, available applications include bone surgery, sinus lifts, periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery and orthodontics.VarioSurg is the only ultrasonic surgical system with integrated lighting to improve efficiency, operating comfort and guarantee optimal visibility.
-High Power
-Industry-first Optic Handpiece
-3 modes (Surg, Endo, Perio)
-Burst Function
-9 programmes (Surg x 5, Endo x 2, Perio x 2)
-Auto Cleaning Mode
-Automatic tuning
-Wide tip range (including TiN coated bone cutting tips)

- New - without foot control
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