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NSK Licht-Turbine S-Max pico KL

- New -

The smallest head in the world! Head height 9.0 mm x 8.6 mm diameter!

? Ultra-short shank drills
? Power: 9 W
? Speed: 360000-450000 / min
? Head size: 8.6 x 9.0 mm
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At IDS 2011 NSK provides for the first time in Europe the new turbine S-Max pico ago. The S-Max pico is characterized by a sensational small ultra-mini head with a diameter of only 8.6 mm in case of simultaneous head height of only 9.0mm. This makes it the world's smallest dental turbine.

The S-Max pico is specifically designed to facilitate minimally invasive treatments and to provide a clear view of the possible preparation site when working with a microscope or magnifying glasses. Consequently, it was next to a significant reduction in head size also special importance to streamline the diameter of the handle portion and to a minimum to reduce (reduction in diameter of 1.5 mm on average). A major contribution to the perfect visibility deliver proven NSK Cellular Glass Optics, which transmits reliable light to the scene.

With its stainless steel body and ceramic ball bearings in conjunction with the NSK Clean Head System S-Max pico stands for highest quality and precision and durability and hygiene. Points of interest: the turbine rotor of the S-Max pico can easily jump in practice - this reduces downtime and reduced service costs.
For use in combination with the S-Max pico NSK offers specially designed miniature drill for minimal preparations. The ultra-mini turbine S-Max pico is available for connecting systems of all leading instrument manufacturer. This makes it the ideal complement for the minimally invasive concepts of each practice.

  • Stainless steel body with ceramic ball bearings
  • Pushbutton chuck
  • Cell fiberglass rod
  • One-nozzle spray
  • Clean-head mechanism
  • Power: 9 W
  • Sterilized up to 135 °
  • Thermodisinfectable
- New - Available with direct connection to KaVo, Sirona, W & H, Bien Air, NSK! Please specify when ordering!
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