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NSK LED clutch PTL-SCL-LED for Sirona

- new -
with easy exchange of your clutch through the NSK LED clutch you can integrate the latest technology in your treatment and you can benefit from the incomparable illumination.
Single price 225,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
LED is already integrated in various instruments of different manufacturers but NSK makes it possible to combine LED with all existing light-turbines in practice. Degree of efficiency and light quality of the NSK LED stand out from the crowd through daylight-comparable color temperature compared to halogen light.
the system of the combination of a light guide with the light source LED optimizes the central adjustment of the cone of light on the abrasive wheel.
the advantages of this excellent technique are the very low investment costs.
  • high quality steel body
  • titan coated
  • check valve
  • LED in clutch integrated
  • with water amount controller
- new -
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