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NSK Air Scaler T-Max S970KL mit Licht

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The S970 air scaler offers a wide power range with easy swivel power adjustment and an extensive tip range for a wide variety of applications ranging from general scaling and root canal irrigation to minimally invasive procedures. The wide range of applications, comfortable grip and ease of maintenance makes the S970 air scaler the instrument of choice for dentists and hygienists alike. A titanium body and sleek, seamless design make the S970 really comfortable to hold even during long procedures whilst allowing for excellent visibility of the operating site at all times.


Body Material Titanium
Body Coating DURACOAT
Frequency of oscillation 5,800~6,200 Hz
  • *3 level Power Ring
  • *Includes 3 tips (S1, S2 & S3), Tip Wrench (CR-20) and Tip Cover (L)


Cellular Glass Optics

- New - only for KaVo Couplings

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