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NSK Air Scaler AS 2000

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For budget-conscious users, AS2000 is a right choice.
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Single price 298,00 EUR
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This non-optic scaler offers excellent power, effective water spray and can be connected to existing air driven handpiece tubing. Borden 2/3 holes (B2, B3) and Midwest 4 holes (M4) are available. The features include oscillation frequency of 6,100 - 6,600 Hz and a wide range of tips for various clinical applications.

AS2000 M4
Scaler without light
For Midwest 4-hole
Weight: 69 g

AS2000 B2 / B3
Scaler without light
For Borden 2/3-hole
Weight: 65 g

Scope of supply:
Including 3 essays (S1, S2 & S3), top key and attachment protection

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