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Mixing units

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Espe Capmix Kapselmischer mit Digitalanzeige

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195,00 EUR

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Thousands of dentists worldwide have already taken advantage of the benefits of the Pentamix and the new Pentamix Automatic Mixing Unit. The Pentamix Mixing Unit lets you automatically mix and dispense admirably homogeneous and precise impression material at the touch of a button. Find more about the all important advantages of automatic mixing with the 3M ESPE Pentamix™ System:

  • Economical: Use only the exact amount of material you need
  • Reliable: Remarkably mixed material assures consistent quality
  • Hygienic: Direct filling of tray and syringe reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Efficient: Push button activation makes it fast and easy to handle
945,00 EUR
- Neugerät -

Automatisches Dosier- und Mischgerät für Schlauchbeutelmaterialien des Plug & Press Systems und artverwandte Systeme im Verhältnis 5:1.
875,00 EUR
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