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Mihm-Vogt Catalyst KN-2

  • - New -
  • Serves to vent the furnace chamber and subsequent catalytic afterburning of the kiln exhaust gases (wax vapors etc.)
    suitable for speed investment materials.
Single price 715,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

  • Ventilates the oven's interior and burn the
    vapours produced during the heating process
    (wax vapours)
  • Transforms the organic elements into carbon
    dioxide and water
  • Reduces the offensive odors
  • May be connected to all furnace types and drying cabinet
  • Built for large laboratory furnaces and for using

Technical data:
Suction tube Ø:
Exhaust tube Ø:
Air quantity:
230V, AC
650 W
39 cm
17 cm
34 mm
150 mm
4,9 kg
300 cbm/h

- New -
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