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Melag Vacuklav 31 B+ -Aktion bis 31.12.2019-

- New -

No fixed water connection required
35 cm deep cup,
18 liters
Price up to now:
6.290,00 EUR
Single price 5.850,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
The Vacuklav 31 B + is the successor to the many thousands of times proven Vacuklav 31-B.

The Vacuklav 31 B + is a class "B" - autoclave according to the European standard EN 13060 and therefore absolutely future-proof.

It works according to the fractionated pre-vacuum method.
This means: At first the air is sucked off with a very effective vacuum pump from the boiler. Then there is a repeated intake of steam which is always immediately pumped out again. The result is that at the beginning of the actual sterilization, is no more air in the chamber or in wrapped hollow - instruments in packages or in textiles which would endanger the success of the sterilization.

For effective drying as a prerequisite of long-term storage of packaged sterilized the Vacuklav is equipped with a fractionated post vacuum.
The control and monitoring for a secure sterilization of the necessary parameters pressure and temperature done via Sensors and an innovative microprocessor control.

  • Fractionated vacuum method (Class B)
  • Device with pre- and post-vacuum function
  • Quick Program "B" (about 23 min.)
  • Automatic afterdrying
  • Recording of 5 trays or 3 standard tray containers possible
  • A maximum of 5 kg useful load of instruments
  • Maximum 1.8 kg useful load of textiles
  • With printer port
Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: D = 57 B = 42.5 H = 48.5 cm
Boiler. ø 25 x 35 cm, volume 18 liters
Drain connection possible or wastewater tank manually empty!
possible with additional MELAnet box connection to the practice network!
Weight 44 kg

- New - without equipment

Prerequisite for the perfect function of this autoclave is the orderly installation and instruction by trained personnel or the MELAG customer service (at extra cost). Please send Melag the protocol completely filled back because this is confirmed protocol needed to guarantee the appliance!

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