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Melag Melatherm 10 - Komplettpaket Zahnarzt

- New -

With active drying and short operating times
MELAtherm 10 is a cleaning and disinfection unit (WD) to the European Standard EN 15883rd
It is ideal for use in machine reprocessing of instruments.
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Single price 8.350,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
Complete package consisting of:

* Basis basket with injector rail Nr. 00197
* Flex Bin 1 no. 80010
* Instrument Basket compact no. 00195
* Insert rack for 3 sieve cassettes Nr. 00180
* Sieve with release liner and piercing protection no. 80185
* Insert rack for pliers and scissors no. 80120
* Insert rack for Abdrucklöffel Nr. 80110
* Adapter for handpieces No. 73900/73901/73902
* Dreifachverteiler Nr. 73903
* Pipe column no. 55120

Compact on the outside dimensions provides MELAtherm 10 a full equipment at no extra charge:

* Process media recording with metering
* Documentation via CF card or network
* Active drying according to standard

MELAtherm 10 automatically monitors the rotation of the spray arms, the flushing pressure and filter screens.
Error in the program process or during operation are avoided.

The standard width of 60cm, the installation of MELAtherm 10 can be done easily in the furniture line.

If the MELAtherm 10 free in addition to the furniture line, MELAG offers a stainless steel cover plate.
The also optional cabinet ensures an ergonomic working height and creates additional storage space.

MELAtherm 10 is equipped with a basic basket, either with or without injector rail.
About the injector rail may be prepared up to 11 hollow instruments, eg Suction or dental handpieces etc.

Advantages :

* Melag Melatherm Thermodisinfector with 4 programs and digital display with active drying
* Thermal disinfection at 93 ° with 10 min. Hold time
* With integrated water softener
* Power supply: 3N AC 400 Volts (9,3KW)
* Documentation on the possible connection to the practice network or on the PC or with an integrated memory card writer
* Wash cabinet made of stainless steel
* With integrated dosing for liquid cleaner, neutralizer and rinse aid
* Dosage and level are monitored electronically

Technical specifications :
Mains voltage three-phase 400 V, 3N AC
Height: 82 cm x width 60 cm x depth 60 cm

- New - complete package Dental

Prerequisite for the correct functioning of this device the proper formation and instruction is carried out by trained specialist trade personnel (surcharge)
Additional accessories, which is needed for electricity and water is not supplied with included.
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