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Melag MELAdem 47

- New -

Inexpensive larger quantities of water
Increasing hygiene requirements in the reprocessing of medical devices may mean more frequent sterilizing the instruments.
The thus increasing demand for high-quality demineralized water is provided sufficiently and inexpensively available by the MELAdem 47.
Single price 1.100,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
The reversal of the physical principle of osmosis is an extremely environmentally friendly form of water treatment.
MELAdem 47 produced per hour about 3 liters of demineralized water, so that several MELAG autoclaves can be supplied simultaneously.

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: width 39 cm, height 47 cm, depth 15 cm
Reservoir Ø 24 x 51cm

- New -
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